Our IT Solutions

In order to provide cutting-edge services and global solutions to our customers, BAB International Corp for Specialized Services is keen to build long-term partnerships with many of the top IT solutions providers in the world to adopt these solutions with the requirements of the Arab markets.

BAB Solutions

Content Management

Develop and deliver services and content management of internet portals.

Mobile Apps

Develop mobile apps on iPhone, Android and BlackBerry devices, and providing technical support with high quality designs to meet the needs of customers.

Media Production

Audio-Visual Media Production Services.

Social Media

Social Media Analysis Services (Facebook, twitter, etc., and accounts administration.

Internet services

Develop Internet services (CMS, social networking, online bookings apps, interactive content services, and e-payment).

Interactive Services

Develop interactive services for mobile devices (mobile payment, interactive services SMS and MMS and TVSMS, USSD).

WhatsApp Integration

ntegrate your business with WhatsApp


E-marketing through mobile phones and social media.

Analyzing Information

Display and analyzing information solutions (infoGraph, Dashboard).